2 self-cleaning – Gaggenau EB 210/211 User Manual

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6.2 Self-cleaning

In this mode, soiling on the catalytic interior

(accessories) combusts at temperatures

around 300 °C.

In the event of extreme soiling, coarse greasy
residues must be removed from the oven before
The non-catalytic parts such as the muffle base,
the door inside and the glass pane are not cleaned.
These parts must be cleaned beforehand.

Proceed as follows:
– Remove all loose inside parts such as the gridiron

or the baking stone from the oven interior.

– Remove the grease filter. Push the grease filter up

and remove it from the oven interior.

– Close the oven door.
– Turn the “Mode" control knob to the


with hot air) setting.

– Turn the “Temperature" control knob to 300 °C.
– Enter a duration (see page 14). We recommend a

time of 1:30 h. You should modify the cleaning
time depending on the degree of soiling. The
setting should be at least 1 hour and no more than
2 hours.

The catalytic cleaning operation begins
immediately after you have set the timer.

The catalytic cleaning operation can also be started
automatically at a later time if you enter a switch-off

You can display the current catalysis time by
pressing the

(Timer) key.

Turn the temperature control knob back to the 0
setting after the self-cleaning process has ended.



Fig. 34

The rear plate

is catalytically enamelled.

You can order catalytically enamelled plates for
the sides and top as special accessories.