Gaggenau EB 210/211 User Manual

Page 15

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Programming a cooking time
The appliance is operated for a specific period of
time. The range that can be set is between one
minute (00:01) and 23 hours and 59 minutes (23:59).
Proceed as follows:
– Press the

(Timer) key once. The


symbol and the

(Cooking time) symbol flash on

the display. Dashes appear on the display (i.e. no
value programmed) (Fig. 24).

– Press the + or the – key to set the required


– Press the

(Confirm) key to confirm the set

value. An audible signal is sounded. The
(Cooking time) symbol lights up on the display.

– A signal is sounded after the programmed

duration has elapsed. At the same time, the oven
switches off automatically.

– Press any key to switch off the signal.

– The programmed duration can only be queried by

pressing the

(Timer) key.

Clearing incorrectly programmed values:
– Press the

(Timer) key once.

– Press the + and – keys at the same time.

An audible signal is sounded.

The end time is display automatically if you press

(Timer) key twice.

The next time you program a duration, the
previous programmed value is proposed to you
when you press the + key.

Fig. 24