Preface – Gaggenau EB 210/211 User Manual

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Baking with your new oven will be even
more fun than before.

The appliance offers you the following advantages:

– Very rapid heating up in the hot air and bottom

heat modes.

– The appliance features CleanEmail and a

catalytic cleaning function for air cleaning.

To ensure that you will be able to use this
appliance in all its diversity, read through the
operating and assembly instructions
conscientiously before operating it for the first
time. The instructions contain important notes on
use, installation and maintenance of the

You will find notes on Page 3 that you ought to
observe before operating the appliance for the
first time.

The chapters entitled “Structure and operating

and “Operation" will tell you all the

things your oven is capable of doing and how it is

The chapter entitled “Cleaning and care" will
make sure that your appliance will stay operable
and beautiful for a long time.

We have also compiled some “Tips and tricks"
for you.

And now we wish you lots of fun
with your oven.

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