Operation – Gaggenau EB 204/205 User Manual

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3.1 Overview

3.2 Switching on

3.3 Switching off

“Temperature" knob:
The temperature can be set within the range from

“Mode" knob:
You can choose from 8 programs:
– Hot air circulation
– Grilling with the hot air fan
– Grilling
– Hot air circulation with bottom heat
– Top and bottom heat
– Top heat
– Baking stone operation

Switching on:

(Fig. 18)

Actuate the “Temperature" control knob to operate
the appliance.
You can set any temperature by turning the
“Temperature" control knob to the right. The control
knob has latching positions. The first latching
position on the right is the lighting level.

Switching off:

(Fig. 19)

To switch off, turn the “Temperature" control knob
to the 0 position. The lighting goes off and now only
the current time of day appears on the display.


after switching off the oven, the cooling fan

will continue to run for a time to protect the
electronics and will then switch off automatically.

3. Operation

Fig. 18

Fig. 19

Inserting the baking tray
– Insert the baking tray at the same height on both


– Make sure that the notch on the baking tray is at

the rear or that the handle is at the front.