3 about use – Gaggenau EB 204/205 User Manual

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1.3 About use

The appliance

is intended solely for use in the

household and must not be put to any other uses.

Use the appliance

to prepare meals only. It must

not be used to heat up the room in which it is


You will risk injuring yourself, should you

close the door improperly. You might jam and crush
your fingers and hands.

Do not store

any combustible objects in your oven

and, when operating the oven, never leave any
items inside the oven compartment other than the
ones needed.

Make sure

that the bottom of the oven

compartment is never covered up during operation
or lined with aluminium foil.

Never pour water directly

into the hot oven. This

could damage the enamel.

Always preheat your oven in the mode

in which

you intend to bake or roast.

you have a possibility of heating up the

appliance very quickly. To do this, use the

hot air

and bottom heat program.

In the control panel

a red pilot lamp lights up as

long as the appliance is heating up. The light goes
off as soon as the set temperature has been
reached or when the appliance has stopped
heating up.

Observe caution

with oils and fats. They may

overheat and burn easily.


Fruit acids such as the juice of lemons or

plums etc. should be removed after every baking
operation, thus making sure that they will not cause
spots on the oven’s enamel.

After baking/roasting, open the door comple-
tely or close it. Do not leave the oven door half
open as otherwise the control panel and
kitchen furniture may be damaged.

Caution: risk of burns.

The inside of the door

gets very hot during operation; observe appropriate
caution when opening the appliance. Make sure
that the open door does not swing back when you
are standing in front of the appliance.

Built-in temperature

protection prevents over-

heating of the appliance and of kitchen furniture.

Return the

“Temperature" knob to “0" after baking.

If malfunctions

should occur, first check the fuses

in your household. If there is no fault in the power
supply, consult your dealer or the nearest autho-
rised Gaggenau service centre.

All heating elements

and the fan are switched off

when you open the door.

After completion

of baking or roasting, the

cooling fan will continue to run for a time and will
then switch off automatically.

The socket for the separate heating element for the
baking stone (special accessory), can be found in
the middle of the back panel at the bottom. During
normal operation, please leave the cover in the