Maintenance – Gaggenau EB 204/205 User Manual

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7.1 General

7.2 Replacing the lamp

The appliance must always be disconnected
from the mains when being repaired.

If the appliance does not function correctly, check
the fuses first.

If the power supply is functioning correctly, but your
appliance still does not work, please contact your
dealer or your local Gaggenau customer service
agency. Specify the appliance type (see rating

Repairs may only be carried out by authorised
electricians, in order to guarantee the safety of the
Unauthorised tampering with the appliance will
invalidate any warranty claims.

You can obtain spare lamps from Gaggenau
Customer Service or a dealer. We recommend that
you use these lamps only. (Order number 157312)
Proceed as follows:
– Disconnect fuses.
– Remove one of the lamp cover screws.
– Swivel the cover to the side.


the lamp cover may still be hot.

– Push the lamp to the side by about 4-5 mm.

The lamp can now be titled down and removed.

– Insert the lamp in the reverse order. Swivel the

cover back to its original position and screw it
on. (Caution: secure the seal properly!)

7. Maintenance


do not touch the halogen lamp with your

hands. Use a cloth and only touch the edges of the

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Fig. 33