Gaggenau EB 204/205 User Manual

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6.3 Cleaning the grease filter

6.4 Removing the catalytic cleaning

plate (accessory)

You are advised to clean the grease filter after two
roasting operations or after baking if the oven gets
appropriately soiled. Push the grease filter upwards
and remove it. Clean the grease filter in hot rinsing
detergent or in a dishwasher (Fig. 29). If you clean
the grease filter in a dishwasher, place it vertically
in the crockery basket to ensure that no food
remainders will stay on it. After cleaning, hook the
grease filter back onto the rear panel.

If it is only slightly soiled, wash the oven while warm
using a hot rinsing detergent and leave it open to

Removing the catalytic cleaning plate:

– Remove the two knurled nuts at the front and rear

of both side panels (Fig. 30).

– Remove the catalytic side plates with the support

grids (Fig. 31). If the catalytic inside plates are
highly soiled, you can clean them in very hot
water with curd soap and a soft brush.

– Do not use any abrasive or aggressive detergents.

Fig. 29

Fig. 30

Fig. 31