1 for your safety, 2 operating for the first time – Gaggenau EB 204/205 User Manual

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1. Important notes

1.1 For your safety

You must not operate

the appliance if it is



The appliance must only be connected by an
authorised specialist

, paying attention to the

relevant regulations of the power supply companies
and the regional construction regulations.
Observe the assembly instructions!

When connecting electrical appliances


devices in the proximity of cooking surfaces and
ovens, make sure that connecting cables do not
become jammed under the hot oven door or come
into contact with hot cooking surfaces.

As the user

, you yourself are responsible for

maintenance and proper use in the household.

Only ever operate the appliance under


Caution: fire risk!

Do not store any combustible

items in your oven. During operation, only leave the
parts in the cooking compartment that you actually


The appliance and, until the cooling fan is

switched on, also the control panel heat up during
operation. Keep children away !


to avoid jeopardising the electrical safety of

the appliance, it is forbidden to use high-pressure
or steam jet cleaning devices


The appliance has to be isolated from the mains
during all maintenance. To do this, remove the
mains plug or actuate the corresponding fuse.


may only be carried out by authorised

electricians, in order to guarantee the safety of the

No warranty claims can be lodged for any
damage resulting from failure to observe these

Technical modifications reserved.

1.2 Operating for the first time

Before operating

the appliance for the first time,

please pay attention to the following notes:

Read through

these instructions attentively before

operating your appliance for the first time.

The appliance must be installed and connected by
a specialist.

Remove the packaging

from the appliance and

dispose of it properly.
Pay attention to the fact that there are accessories
in the base of the packaging.
Keep packaging material away from children.

Before operating

the appliance for the first time,

make sure that the mains connection is in proper
working order.

Before using the oven for the first time

, remove

all removable interior parts (grid iron, tray ...). Now
operate the oven for one hour at 300 °C in the hot
air mode. During this time, pay attention to ensuring
that the room is ventilated well, thus removing any
newness smells.

Thoroughly clean

the appliance and accessories

before using them for the first time (see chapter
entitled “Cleaning and care”).

The rating plate

for this appliance is visible when

you open the appliance door. An additional rating
plate is included on a separate sheet of the
instructions. For warranty reasons, store this
rating plate in the same location as your operating
and assembly instructions.