Maytag MDE 9801 User Manual

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The machine offers you the possibility of hea-
ring when the cooling period ends. Set the op-
tion Buzzer on

and it will sound for three

seconds when the programme is completed.


You can select the anti-crease option


prevent the fabrics from lying still and beco-
ming creased at the end of tumble drying. This
is a helpful option if you are unable to take out
the fabrics promptly at the end of the tumbling

You can choose a programme duration of 1, 2

or 3 hours. The drum will then continue to
rotate intermittently, i.e., three seconds every
minute for the number of hours chosen.

If you choose Buzzer ON, a signal will sound

each time the drum rotates.


You can select Low temperature

for the

Extra dry, Dry, Normal dry and Iron dry pro-


The drying time may be influenced by a number
of factors, such as the size of the load, the pro-
gram selected, the moisture content of the load,
the materials being washed, connection capaci-
ty and the ambient temperature and humidity.
Drying time remaining is calculated within four
minutes of the start of the drying program. The
estimated time is shown in the bottom right-
hand corner of the display, together with the –

If the actual drying time is less than that calcu-
lated, the time display may jump ahead, e.g.
from 50 to 20 minutes, at the end of the pro-
If the actual drying time is longer than that
calculated, the countdown will stop at the end
of the progam until the load is dry.
Please note that times include a cooling period.

The remaining drying time is estimated ap-

proximately (within four minutes of the start of
the drying programme) and is shown on the
display in intervals of five minutes.

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