Maytag MDE 9801 User Manual

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Your choice of programme will depend on what
you wish to do with the fabrics after tumble
drying. The available programmes are Extra dry,
Dry, Normal dry, Iron dry, Timed dry program-
me and Air fluff.

Extra dry

This programme is designed for washing that is
extremely difficult to dry, eg, jeans with very
thick seams.


Knitted fabrics in particular are liable to shrink.
Use the Dry, Normal dry or Iron dry program-
me for these materials. Always stretch garments
out directly after drying.

Dry, Normal dry

These programmes turn off the heat when the
washing is dry, but not bone-dry.

The Dry programme turns off the heat a litt-

le later than Normal dry. Choose what you pre-
fer by trial and error. Use these programmes
when you want dry fabrics.

Iron dry

This programme turns off the heat when the
washing is just damp enough for ironing or mang-

Timed dry

The programme length that you should choose
depends on what you wish to do with the fa-
brics after tumble drying. Dry different times
for different materials to find the right combi-

When using a timed dry programme with

mixed washing it may happen that some of the
items will not be sufficiently dried. Such items
can suitably by dried by running the timed pro-
gramme for a further 10 minutes or so.

Timed dry programmes automatically opera-

tes at temperature Low, but you can change it
yourself to Normal.


When using a timed programme it is possible to
over-dry fabrics if you set too long a time. This
can cause fabrics to shrink or crease and feel
rough. Synthetic materials can also become char-
ged with static electricity. Set a shorter time if
you tumble dry at temperature Normal.

Air fluff

Use the air fluff programme just to shake dust
out of garments, air them or soften them up.

To select Timed dry programme or Air fluff pro-
gramme, see Chapter 10, Making own drying


To choose these options, see Chapter 10, Ma-
king own drying programmes.


You can choose between Normal cooling and
Quick cooling

. Normal cooling lasts 20

minutes and Quick cooling lasts 5 minutes.

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