Maytag MDE 9801 User Manual

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If a fault or a failure occurs during the program-
me, an indication will be given on the display.

The table below shows the various fault co-


Display shows


Proposed measure

This means that the condensation water container is
full. If the condensation water is pumped out directly
via the drain hose, check that the hose is free from
kinks or blockages. If this does not help, call service.

Empty the condensation water container and restart.
If the fault message appears again, this may mean
that the lower water reservoir is full because the pump
or the hoses are blocked or worn.

Maximum programme time

The machine stops after it has operated for the max-
imum period (3 hours). Check and replace any blown
fuses in the electrical distribution box for the building.
To exit from the fault message, switch off the machine
or open the door. If this does not help, call service.

Thermistor fault

Thermal protection (Not fitted to all machines.)

Sensor fault

Fault in the moisture sensor. This fault message can
also be displayed if you are already operating with
dry clothes or an empty machine. The message should
disappear if you open the door. If not, call service.


The main power switch

must be turned off

in order to reset the fault message.

Call service.

Clean the filter and the condenser.


Display shows


No programme selected.

One or two digits, followed by an h.
Delayed start is selected, and the programme has started. The dis-
play shows the number of hours remaining until the programme starts.

One digit and one H followed by two digits, or 1-2 digits on their
own, indicate that a programme is running.
The display indicates in steps of 5 minutes the length of the program-
me time remaining in hours and minutes.

Programme complete. Take out the washing.

Programme in the cooling sequence. Wait until the
programme ends.

When the Anti-crease option is activated, the drum
will rotate every minute. This text appears in the dis-
play during this period. You can interrupt the
at any time by opening the door.

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