Operating instructions, Clean the lint filter, Load the dryer properly – Maytag MD-24 User Manual

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• Do not operate the dryer without the lint filter grid

in place.

• Do not operate the dryer without the filter in place.

Clean the Lint Filter

• After each load.

• To shorten drying time.

• To operate more energy efficiently.

Operating Instructions

To Clean the Filter

1. Remove the lint filter grid by depressing the latch

on the right end.

2. Swing the lint filter away from the grid.

3. Remove lint from the filter.

4. Swing the filter back so it lays flat against the grid.

5. Place the left end of the grid in the filter opening

and push the right side in until it latches.

Load the Dryer Properly

• Place only one washload in the dryer at a time.

• Mixed loads of heavy and lightweight clothes will dry

differently. Lightweight clothes will dry, while heavy
clothes may be damp.

• Add one or more similar items to the dryer when only

one or two articles need drying. This improves the
tumbling action and drying efficiency.

• Overloading restricts tumbling action, resulting in

uneven drying as well as excessive wrinkling of some