Operating instructions, Start/pause, Turn the dryer off – Maytag MD-24 User Manual

Page 5: Estimated time display, Cycle status lights

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Operating Instructions


After setting the cycle and desired options, press the
Start/Pause pad to start the dryer. To pause the cycle,
press Start/Pause again. To restart the cycle, press
Start/Pause and the cycle will resume from the point
of interruption.

Turn the Dryer Off

Power Off

Press the Power Off pad to cancel the cycle and stop
the dryer.

Estimated Time Display

The display window shows the estimated time
remaining in the cycle after the Start/Pause pad is
pressed. The estimated time remaining may fluctuate
as the cycle progresses.

Cycle Status Lights

The Drying light will illuminate and remain lit until the
cycle is complete. When the dryer is in the cool down
portion of the cycle, the Cooling light will illuminate.
When the cycle is complete, “End” will appear in the
display and the Complete light will illuminate, until the
dryer door is opened.

If the dryer is paused during a cycle, the indicator
lights will blink until the Start/Pause pad is pressed.