Care & cleaning, Control panel, Dryer exterior – Maytag MD-24 User Manual

Page 9: Dryer exhaust system, Stainless steel, Special laundry tips

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Care & Cleaning

Control Panel

Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive

The control panel finish could be damaged by some
laundry pre-treatment soil and stain-remover products.
Apply such products away from the dryer and wipe up
any spills or overspray immediately.

Dryer Exterior

Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive
substances. Protect the surface from sharp objects.

Dryer Exhaust System

Inspect and clean once a year to maintain optimum
performance. The outside exhaust hood should be
cleaned more frequently to ensure proper operation.
Refer to the installation instructions for more

Stainless Steel

To clean the stainless steel tumbler, use a damp cloth
with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner suitable for stainless
steel surfaces. Remove the cleaner residue and then
dry with a clean cloth.


• Dry only one blanket at a time for best tumbling action.
• Be sure the item is thoroughly dry before using or storing.

• Use the Wrinkle Control cycle to help minimize wrinkling.
• Dry in small loads for best results and remove as soon as possible.

• Use the Normal/Auto Dry cycle for soft, fluffy diapers.

• Use the Normal/Auto Dry cycle and a delicate temperature setting.
• Place a clean pair of sneakers in the dryer with the item to fluff the down comforters, etc.

Adding a couple of dry towels shortens dry time and absorbs moisture.

• DO NOT dry on a heat setting. Use the Air Fluff (no-heat) cycle.

WARNING – Drying a rubber item with heat may damage it or be a fire hazard.

• Use the Normal cycle.
• Add a couple of dry towels and a pair of clean sneakers to help the tumbling action and

to fluff the item.

• DO NOT dryer-dry kapok or foam pillows.

• Use the Air Fluff cycle on a Low or Air Fluff temperature depending on the

care label instructions.

IMPORTANT: Avoid Dryer Drying . . .
• Fiberglass Items (curtains, draperies, etc.).
• Woolens, unless recommended on the label.
• Vegetable or cooking oil soaked items (see page 2).



Curtains and

Cloth Diapers

sleeping bags,
comforters, etc.)

Foam Rubber
(rug backs,
stuffed toys,
certain shoulder
pads, etc.)


(shower curtains,
outdoor furniture
covers, etc.)

Special Laundry Tips

Please follow the care label or manufacturer’s instructions for drying special items. If care label instructions are not
available, use the following information as a guide.