Operating, Notice, Warning – John Deere OMM156510 User Manual

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Operating - 7


Daily Operating Checklist

Review the unit’s assembly to ensure you have performed all of
the following.

1. Make sure handle is in place and secure.

2. Check that oil has been added to proper level in the engine


3. Add proper fuel to fuel tank.

4. Check for properly tightened hose connections.

5. Check to make sure there are no kinks, cuts, or damage to

high pressure hose.

6. Provide a proper water supply at an adequate flow.

7. Be sure to read the Safety section before using pressure


If you have any problems operating your pressure washer, please
call the pressure washer helpline at (888) 228-3068.

Add Engine Oil and Fuel

• Place pressure washer on a level surface.

NOTE: Verify provided oil bottle is the correct viscosity for
current ambient temperature.

• Refer to engine operator’s manual and follow oil and fuel

recommendations and instructions.

NOTE: Check oil often during engine break–in. Refer to engine
operator’s manual for recommendations.

Connect Hose and Water Supply to Pump

NOTE: Remove and discard the shipping caps from the pump’s
high pressure outlet and water inlet before attaching hoses.

1. Uncoil high pressure hose and attach quick connect end of

hose to base of spray gun. Pull down on collar of quick
connect, slide onto spray gun and let go of collar. Tug on
hose to be sure of tight connection.

2. Similarly, attach other end of high pressure hose to high

pressure outlet (A) on pump. Pull down on collar of quick
connect, slide onto pump and let go of collar. Pull on hose
to be sure of tight connection.

3. Before connecting garden hose to water inlet, inspect inlet

screen (B). Clean screen if it contains debris or have it
replaced if damaged. DO NOT run pressure washer if inlet
screen is damaged.

4. Run water through your garden hose for 30 seconds to

clean out any debris.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT siphon standing water for the water
supply. Use ONLY cold water (less than 100°F).

5. Connect the garden hose (not to exceed 50 feet in length)

to the water inlet. Tighten by hand.

6. Turn ON the water, press red button on the gun and squeeze

the trigger to purge the pump system of air and impurities.


Any attempt to crank or start the engine before it has been
properly filled with the recommended oil will result in
equipment failure.

• Refer to engine manual for oil and fuel fill information.

• Damage to equipment resulting from failure to follow this instruction

will void warranty.


DO NOT run the pump without the water supply connected
and turned on.

• Damage to equipment resulting from failure to follow this instruction

will void warranty.


The high pressure stream of water that this
equipment produces can cut through skin and its
underlying tissues, leading to serious injury and
possible amputation.

• NEVER connect high pressure hose to nozzle extension.

• Keep high pressure hose connected to pump and spray gun while

system is pressurized.

• Always be certain spray gun, nozzles and accessories are correctly



Risk of eye injury.

Spray can splash back or propel objects.

• Always wear safety goggles when using this equipment or in vicinity

of where equipment is in use.

• Before starting the pressure washer, be sure you are wearing

adequate safety goggles.

• NEVER substitute safety glasses for safety goggles.


Damage to pump or water inlet connector will occur if a One Way
Valve (vacuum breaker or check valve) is connected to pump.

• There MUST be at least ten feet (3M) of unrestricted garden hose

between the pressure washer inlet and any device, such as a One
Way Valve.

• Damage to equipment caused by attaching a One Way Valve to

pump will void warranty.