Safety, Warning, Notice – John Deere OMM156510 User Manual

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Safety - 4



The high pressure stream of water that this
equipment produces can cut through skin and its
underlying tissues, leading to serious injury and
possible amputation.

Spray gun traps high water pressure, even when
engine is stopped and water is disconnected, which
can cause injury.

• DO NOT allow CHILDREN to operate pressure washer.

• NEVER repair high pressure hose. Replace it.

• NEVER repair leaking connections with sealant of any kind. Replace

o-ring or seal.

• NEVER connect high pressure hose to nozzle extension.

• Keep high pressure hose connected to pump and spray gun while

system is pressurized.

• ALWAYS point spray gun in safe direction and squeeze spray gun

trigger, to release high pressure, every time you stop engine.

• NEVER aim spray gun at people, animals, or plants.

• DO NOT secure spray gun in open position.

• DO NOT leave spray gun unattended while machine is running.

• NEVER use a spray gun which does not have a trigger lock or trigger

guard in place and in working order.

• Always be certain spray gun, nozzles and accessories are correctly



Risk of eye injury.

Spray can splash back or propel objects.

• Always wear safety goggles when using this equipment or in vicinity

of where equipment is in use.

• Before starting the pressure washer, be sure you are wearing

adequate safety goggles.

• NEVER substitute safety glasses for safety goggles.


Starter and other rotating parts can entangle hands,
hair, clothing, or accessories.

• NEVER operate pressure washer without protective housing or


• DO NOT wear loose clothing, jewelry or anything that may be caught

in the starter or other rotating parts.

• Tie up long hair and remove jewelry.


High pressure spray may damage fragile items including

• DO NOT point spray gun at glass when using red 0° spray tip.

• NEVER aim spray gun at plants.


Improper treatment of pressure washer can damage it and
shorten its life.

• If you have questions about intended use, ask dealer or contact

nearest authorized dealer.

• NEVER operate units with broken or missing parts, or without

protective housing or covers.

• DO NOT by-pass any safety device on this machine.

• DO NOT tamper with governed speed.

• DO NOT operate pressure washer above rated pressure.

• DO NOT modify pressure washer in any way.

• Before starting pressure washer in cold weather, check all parts of

the equipment to be sure ice has not formed there.

• NEVER move machine by pulling on hoses. Use handle provided on


• Check fuel system for leaks or signs of deterioration, such as chafed

or spongy hose, loose or missing clamps, or damaged tank or cap.
Correct all defects before operating pressure washer.

• This equipment is designed to be used with Briggs & Stratton Power

Products authorized parts ONLY. If equipment is used with parts that
DO NOT comply with minimum specifications, user assumes all risks
and liabilities.