Daily operating checklis, Daily operating checklist, Assembly – John Deere OMM156510 User Manual

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Assembly - 5


Your pressure washer requires some assembly and is ready for
use after it has been properly serviced with the recommended oil
and fuel.

If you have any problems with the assembly of your pressure
washer, please call the pressure washer helpline at
(888) 228-3068. If calling for assistance, please have the model,
revision, and serial number from the data tag available.

Unpack Pressure Washer

1. Remove the parts bag, accessories, and inserts included

with pressure washer.

2. Open carton completely by cutting each corner from top to


3. Ensure you have all included items prior to assembly.

Items in the carton include:

• Main Unit

• Handle

• High Pressure Hose

• Spray Gun

• Nozzle Extension with Quick Connect Fitting

• Oil Bottle

• Parts Bag (which includes the following):

Operator’s Manual

Engine Operator’s Manual

Owner’s Registration Card

Safety Goggles

Bag containing 5 Multi-Colored Quick Connect Spray

Handle Fastening Hardware Kit (which includes):

Carriage Bolts (2)

Plastic Knobs (2)

To prepare your pressure washer for operation, you will need
to perform these tasks:

1. Fill out and send in registration card.

2. Verify oil dipstick (A) has been installed into pump.

3. Attach handle to main unit.

4. Add oil to engine crankcase.

5. Add fuel to fuel tank.

6. Connect high pressure hose to spray gun and pump.

7. Connect water supply to pump.

8. Attach nozzle extension to spray gun.

9. Select / attach quick connect spray tip to nozzle extension.

Attach Handle

1. Place handle (A) onto handle supports (B) connected to

main unit. Make sure holes (C) in handle align with holes on
handle supports.

NOTE: It may be necessary to move the handle supports from
side to side in order to align the handle so it will slide over the
handle supports.

2. Insert carriage bolts through holes from outside of unit and

attach a plastic knob from inside of unit. Tighten by hand.

3. Insert multi-colored quick connect spray tips and other

supplied accessories in spaces provided on handle.