Introduction, Warning – John Deere OMM156510 User Manual

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Read this manual carefully and become familiar with
your pressure washer. Know its applications, its
limitations and any hazards involved.

Thank You for Purchasing a John Deere Product

We appreciate having you as a customer and wish you many
years of safe and satisfied use of your machine.

Using Your Operator’s Manual

This manual is an important part of your machine and should
remain with the machine when you sell it.

Reading your operator’s manual will help you and others avoid
personal injury or damage to the machine. Information given in
this manual will provide the operator with the safest and most
effective use of the machine. Knowing how to operate this
machine safely and correctly will allow you to train others who
may operate this machine.

This manual contains information for a pressure washer that
operates at 3,000 PSI at a flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute.
This professional quality residential system features 10” wheels,
triplex pump with stainless steel pistons, automatic cool down
system, detergent siphoning system, variety of spray tips, safety
goggles, heavy duty 35’ hose, and more.

This manual and safety signs on your machine may also be
available in other languages (see your authorized dealer to

Sections in your operator’s manual are placed in a specific order
to help you understand all the safety messages and learn the
controls so you can operate this machine safely. You can also
use this manual to answer any specific operating or servicing

Special Messages

Your manual contains special messages to bring attention to
potential safety concerns, machine damage as well as helpful
operating and servicing information . Please read all the
information carefully to avoid injury and machine damage.

This product is rated in accordance with PWMA standard PW101
( Actual pressure at the point of discharge may
vary due to factors including: the inclusion or exclusion of a
detergent injection system; variations in engine performance; and
environmental conditions.


The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals

known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth

defects, or other reproductive harm.