Operating, Warning – John Deere OMM156510 User Manual

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Operating - 12


After Each Use

Water should not remain in the unit for long periods of time.
Sediments or minerals can deposit on pump parts and freeze
pump action. Follow these procedures after every use:

1. Flush detergent siphoning tube by placing the filter into a

pail of clean water while running pressure washer in low
pressure mode. Flush for one to two minutes.

2. Shut off engine, turn off water supply, point gun in a safe

direction, press red button and squeeze trigger to relieve
trapped pressure, and let engine cool.

3. Disconnect hose from spray gun and high pressure outlet

on pump. Drain water from hose, gun, and nozzle
extension. Use a rag to wipe off the hose.

4. Place the spray gun, nozzle extension, spray tips and high

pressure hose on the handle.

5. Empty pump of all pumped liquids by pulling recoil handle

about six times. This should remove most liquid in pump.

6. Store unit in a clean, dry area.

7. If storing for more than 30 days, see Long Term Storage.


The high pressure stream of water that this
equipment produces can cut through skin and its
underlying tissues, leading to serious injury and
possible amputation.

Spray gun traps high water pressure, even when
engine is stopped and water is disconnected, which
can cause injury.

• Keep high pressure hose connected to pump and spray gun while

system is pressurized.

• ALWAYS point spray gun in safe direction, press red button and

squeeze spray gun trigger, to release high pressure, every time you
stop engine.


Fuel and its vapors are extremely flammable and

Fire or explosion can cause severe burns or death.

• Store away from furnaces, stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, or

other appliances that have pilot light or other ignition source because
they can ignite fuel vapors.