Long term storag, Long term storage, Troubleshooting – John Deere OMM156510 User Manual

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Troubleshooting - 16


Using Troubleshooting Chart

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart,
see your authorized dealer for service.

When you have checked all the possible cause listed and you are
still experiencing the problem, see your authorized dealer.

Troubleshooting Chart




Pump has following problems: failure to
produce pressure, erratic pressure,
chattering, loss of pressure, low water

1. Low pressure spray tip installed.

2. Water inlet is blocked.

3. Inadequate water supply.

4. Inlet hose is kinked or leaking.

5. Clogged inlet hose screen.

6. Water supply is over 100°F (38°C).

7. High pressure hose is blocked or leaks.

8. Spray gun leaks.

9. Spray tip is obstructed.

10. Pump is faulty.

1. Replace with high pressure spray tip.

2. Clear inlet.

3. Provide adequate water flow.

4. Straighten inlet hose, patch leak.

5. Check and clean inlet hose screen.

6. Provide cooler water supply.

7. Clear blocks in outlet hose.

8. Replace spray gun.

9. Clean spray tip.

10. Contact local service facility.

Detergent fails to mix with spray.

1. Detergent siphoning tube is not


2. Detergent siphoning tube/filter is

clogged or cracked.

3. High pressure spray tip installed.

1. Insert detergent siphoning tube into


2. Clean or replace filter/detergent

siphoning tube.

3. Replace with low pressure spray tip.

Engine runs good at no-load but "bogs"
when load is added.

Engine speed is too slow.

Move throttle control to FAST position. If
engine still "bogs down", contact local
service facility.

Engine will not start; or starts and runs

1. Low oil level.

2. Dirty air cleaner.

3. Out of fuel.

4. Stale fuel.

5. Spark plug wire not connected to spark


6. Bad spark plug.

7. Water in fuel.

8. Excessively rich fuel mixture.

1. Fill crankcase to proper level.

2. Clean or replace air cleaner.

3. Fill fuel tank.

4. Drain fuel tank; fill with fresh fuel.

5. Connect wire to spark plug.

6. Replace spark plug.

7. Drain fuel tank; fill with fresh fuel.

8. Contact local service facility.

Engine shuts down during operation.

Out of fuel.

Fill fuel tank.

Engine lacks power.

Dirty air filter.

Replace air filter.