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Safety Instructions

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Using the self-cleaning oven.

The oven door must be closed and all controls set correctly for the cycle to work properly.

Before a Clean Cycle

We recommend venting your kitchen

with an open window or using a

ventilation fan or hood during the first

self-clean cycle.
Remove the shelves, broiler pan, broiler

grid, probe, all cookware and any

aluminum foil from the oven.
The oven shelves and convection roasting

rack can be self-cleaned, but they will

darken, lose their luster and become

hard to slide.
Soil on the front frame of the range and

outside the gasket on the door will need

to be cleaned by hand. Clean these areas

with hot water, soap-filled steel-wool pads

or cleansers such as Soft Scrub®. Rinse

well with clean water and dry.

Do not clean the gasket. The fiberglass

material of the oven door gasket cannot

withstand abrasion. It is essential for the

gasket to remain intact. If you notice it

becoming worn or frayed, replace it.
Wipe up any heavy spillovers on the oven

Make sure the oven light bulb cover is in

place and the oven light is off.


The health of some birds is

extremely sensitive to the fumes given off

during the self-cleaning cycle of any

range. Move birds to another well

ventilated room.

Wipe up heavy soil on the oven

How to Set the Oven for Cleaning

Touch the SELF CLEAN pad.
Using the number pads, enter the

desired clean time, if a time other

than 4 hours, 30 minutes is needed.

Clean cycle time is normally 4 hours, 30

minutes. You can change the clean time

to any time between 3 hours and 5 hours,

depending on how dirty your oven is.

Touch the START pad.

The door locks automatically. The display

will show the clean time remaining. It will

not be possible to open the oven door

until the temperature drops below the

lock temperature and the LOCKED DOOR

light goes off.

When the LOCKED DOOR light is off, open

the door.
The oven shuts off automatically when

the clean cycle is complete.

The words LOCK DOOR will flash and

the oven control will signal if you set

the clean cycle and forget to close the

oven door.

To stop a clean cycle, touch the

pad. When the LOCKED


light goes off indicating the

oven has cooled below the locking

temperature, open the door.

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