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Care and cleaning of the range.

Lift-Off Oven Door

The oven door is removable for easier

access to the light bulb.
Do not lift the door by the handle.

To remove the door:

Fully open the door.

Each hinge has a hinge lock. Using a

tool, pull the hinge locks down

against the door frame.

Firmly grasp the door at the top sides.

Close the door to the stop position.

Lift the door up and pull straight


To replace the door:

Firmly grasp the door at the top sides.
This is critical.

Approach the range with the door

angled in a vertical position.

Guide the hinges into the slots.

Push door in firmly while opening.

Once in position, open the door

completely. Push the hinge locks

back in toward the front frame.

To clean the inside of the door:

Because the area inside the gasket is

cleaned during the self-clean cycle, you

do not need to clean this by hand.

The area outside the gasket and the

door liner can be cleaned with a soap-

filled steel wool or plastic pad, hot

water and detergent. Rinse well with a

vinegar and water solution.

To clean the outside of the door:

Use soap and water to thoroughly

clean the top, sides and front of the

oven door. Rinse well. You may also

use a glass cleaner to clean the glass on

the outside of the door. Do not let

water drip into the vent openings.

If any stain on the door vent trim is

persistent, use a soft abrasive cleaner

and a sponge-scrubber for best results.

Spillage of marinades, fruit juices,

tomato sauces and basting materials

containing acids may cause

discoloration and should be wiped up

immediately. When surface is cool,

clean and rinse.

Do not use oven cleaners, cleaning

powders or harsh abrasives on the

outside of the door.

The gasket is designed with a gap
at the bottom to allow for proper
air circulation.

Do not rub or clean the door
gasket—it has an extremely low
resistance to abrasion.

If you notice the gasket becoming
worn, frayed or damaged in any
way or if it has become displaced
on the door, you should have it

Pull the hinge locks down to the
unlocked position.


Locked position

Oven Shelves and Convection Roasting Rack

Clean the oven shelves and the

convection roasting rack with an abrasive

cleanser or steel wool. After cleaning,

rinse the shelves and rack with clean

water and dry with a clean cloth.

NOTE: The oven shelves and convection
roasting rack may be cleaned in the self-
cleaning oven. However, the shelves will
darken in color, lose their luster and
become hard to slide if cleaned during
the self-cleaning cycle.

To make the shelves slide more easily,

apply a small amount of vegetable oil

or cooking oil to a paper towel and wipe

the edges of the oven shelves with the

paper towel.

Roasting rack

Offset shelf

Oven shelf

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