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Safety Instructions

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Safety Instructions

Operating Instructions

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Using the surface units.

Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model.

How to Set

Push the knob in and turn in either

direction to the setting you want.
At both OFF and HI the control clicks

into position. You may hear slight

sounds during cooking,

indicating the control is keeping the

power level you set.
A HOT COOKTOP indicator light will glow

when any radiant element is turned on,

and will remain on until the surface is

cooled to approximately 150°F.
Indicator light will:

come on when the unit is hot to the touch.

stay on even after the unit is turned off.

glow until the unit is cooled to approximately
150° F.

The WM (warm) setting on the right

surface unit keeps already heated

food warm until ready to serve.

Be sure you turn the control knob to
OFF when you finish cooking.

Using the Bridge Burner

To use the bridge burner, turn the

control knob to the BRIDGE BURNER

For full bridge burner operation, turn

on the rear burner.
To use only the front burner, turn the

control knob to the FRONT BURNER



Dual Surface Unit Control Knob

The right front surface unit has 2 cooking sizes to
select from so you can match the size of the unit
to the size of the cookware you are using.

To use the small (6 inch) surface unit,

turn the control knob to the SMALL


To use the large (9 inch) surface unit,

turn the control knob to the LARGE


9" 6"

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