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Selecting types of cookware.

The following information will help you choose cookware which will give good performance on glass cooktops.

Stainless Steel:



heavy weight recommended
Good conductivity. Aluminum residues

sometimes appear as scratches on the

cooktop, but can be removed if cleaned

immediately. Because of its low melting

point, thin weight aluminum should not

be used.

Copper Bottom:

Copper may leave residues which can

appear as scratches. The residues can be

removed, as long as the cooktop is

cleaned immediately. However, do not let

these pots boil dry. Overheated metal can

bond to glass cooktops. An overheated

copper bottom pot will leave a residue

that will permanently stain the cooktop if

not removed immediately.

Porcelain Enamel Covered Cast Iron:

As long as the cookware is covered

completely with porcelain enamel, this

cookware is recommended. Caution is

recommended for cast iron cookware

that is not completely covered with

smooth porcelain enamel, as it may

scratch the glass ceramic cooktop.


usable, but not recommended
Poor performance. May scratch the



usable, but not recommended
Poor performance. May scratch the


Home Canning Tips:

Be sure the canner is centered over the

surface unit.
Make sure the canner is flat on the

Use recipes and procedures from

reputable sources. These are available

from manufacturers such as Ball® and

Kerr® and the Department of Agriculture

Extension Service.
To prevent burns from steam or heat, use

caution when canning.

Check pans for flat bottoms by
using a straight edge.

Pans with rounded, curved, ridged
or warped bottoms are not

Use only flat-bottomed woks.

Wok Cooking

We recommend that you use only a flat-bottomed
wok. They are available at your local retail store.

Do not use woks that have support rings.
Placing the ring over the surface unit will

cause a build-up of heat that will damage

the cooktop.
Do not use round bottom woks. You

could be seriously burned if the wok

tipped over.

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