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4. Select wash options
(if needed)

The upper button selects the following

– Extended

– Extended and Heavy Soil

– Extended and Soak

– Heavy Soil

– Soak

– No selection

The lower button selects the "Sensitive"

^ Select the desired "OPTIONS". Press

the upper button until the indicator of
the desired wash option lights.

See the "Program Guide" to determine
which options can be selected in each

If the wash option chosen is not
compatible with the program, the
indicator light will go out when the
button is released.


For laundry with normal to heavy soiling
or stains.

The main wash cycle time for the wash
program will be extended.

Heavy Soil

For heavily soiled laundry where a
pretreatment is necessary to remove
surface soiling.


For heavy soiling and stubborn stains
(e.g. blood, grease, chocolate) that
require soaking before the main wash.

The preset soak time is 2 hours.


An additional final rinse that will wash
away detergent residue and scents.


A buzzer signals the end of the wash
program, or after "No Spin".

The buzzer will sound until the washer
is turned off. Once activated, the
buzzer is active in all programs unless
turned off.

The warning sound (indicating a fault
has occurred) will activate independent
of whether the buzzer is turned on or

Using the washer