Water connection 50, Plumbing, Water connection – LG Washer W1119 User Manual

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Water connection

^ Connect the cold water intake hose

(blue mark) to the cold water valve
and the hot water intake hose (red
mark) to the hot water valve.

If the machine is being connected


to a cold water supply, both the hot and
cold water intake hoses must be
attached to the cold water valve
through the use of a Y adapter
(available at a hardware store). Both


be connected to a water

source or the machine will not function

Do not connect the washer to hot
water only.

^ Turn on the valve(s) and check for

leaks. The water pressure must be
within 15 -145 psi (1 -10 bar). If the
water pressure is greater that 145 psi
(10 bar) a pressure reducer must be
installed. If the water pressure is
below 15 psi (1 bar) there will not be
enough water available for a
complete fill.

The water intake hoses are equipped
with screen filters. Do not remove these
filters except for cleaning.

Tips for a hot water connection

The hot water temperature from the hot
water valve must not exceed 140°F
(60°C); the ideal temperature is 130°F

If there is no water pressure at the hot
water inlet, the unit will automatically
switch to cold water after several