Using the washer 7, Prepare and sort the laundry 7, Using the washer – LG Washer W1119 User Manual

Page 7: Prepare and sort the laundry

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1. Prepare and sort the laundry

^ Empty all pockets.


Foreign objects left in pockets

(e.g. nails, coins, paper clips, etc.)
can cause damage to clothes and
the machine.

^ Sort the laundry.

Only wash items in the machine that are
labeled machine washable by the
manufacturer. Most garments have a
fabric care label in the collar or side
seam. Sort the laundry by care label
and color.

^ Pretreat stains.

Tough stains (e.g. blood, egg, coffee,
tea, etc.) or badly soiled areas (e.g.
collars and cuffs) should be penetrated
with a stain remover or a paste made
from powdered detergent and warm


Do not use chemical solvents in

the machine.

General tips

– Dark fabrics often bleed the first few

times they are washed. They should
be washed separately several times
before being included in a mixed

– Remove any lead weights or strips

from curtains before washing.

– Loose underwires should be

removed or sewn in place before

– Woolens and knitted garments

should be turned inside out.

– Close zippers and hooks and eyes

before washing.

– Comforter covers and pillowcases

should be fastened in order to
prevent small items from rolling
inside of them.



machine wash items if it is not

recommended on the fabric care label.

Using the washer