Plumbing 49, Plumbing – LG Washer W1119 User Manual

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The washing machine can be
connected to a portable water supply.
A non-return valve is not needed unless
required by building code.

The washing machine has ½" (13 mm)
pressure hoses with ¾" (19 mm) female
hose thread connections. If there is no
water hookup, contact a plumber to
install a connection. Make sure that the
sealing ring is seated properly on the
hose connector.

Replace the hose only with a genuine
Miele hose, or with a hose able to
withstand up to 145 psi (10 bar)
pressure. The water valve connector
must also be able to withstand 145 psi
(10 bar).


The bolted connection is under

water pressure. Open the water
supply slowly to check for leaks.
Adjust the rubber seal and the
bolted connection if necessary.

To protect the inlet valve, the two
filters (one at the pressure hose /
valve connection and one at the inlet
connection to the solenoid valve)
must not be removed.

Hose extension (optional accessory)

Hose extensions with a length of
8’ 2




" to 13’ 1




" (2.5 to 4 m) are

available from your Miele dealer or