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Page 24: Washer care, Cleaning the washer, Cleaning the drum

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Before cleaning the appliance,

disconnect the power supply by
unplugging the unit or manually
tripping the circuit breaker.

Cleaning the washer

^ Clean the exterior of the washer with

a mild solution of non-abrasive
detergent or soap and water. Wipe
dry with a soft cloth.

^ Clean the drum with a stainless steel

cleaner specially formulated for use
in a washing machine. This type of
cleaner is available from Miele.

Cleaning the drum

Germs can develop when using wash
programs with a low temperature
(below Hot) over several wash cycles.
This can lead to odors in the drum.


Once a month

run a program with no

laundry using a "Sanitize" or "Very
hot" temperature and/or bleach.

If the correct amount of detergent is
dispensed, the machine should not
need to be descaled.

If the washer needs to be descaled,
use a descaling agent with corrosion
protection. These special descaling
agents can be purchased from Miele.
Use as directed on the packaging.

Washer care