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General issues with the washer


Possible cause


The "Oversudsing"
indicator lights.

The machine has over

Use less detergent in the
next wash program.

The "Main wash"
indicator flashes.

There is a fault.

Restart the program.
If the fault message appears
again, call Miele’s Technical
Service Department.

The washer shakes
during the spin cycle.

The washer’s four feet
are not resting evenly
on the floor.

Level the machine (see
Installation Instructions).

There are unusual
sounds coming from the
drain pump.

There is no fault. Lapping sounds at the beginning
and end of the pump process are normal.

A large amount of
detergent residue
remains in the
dispenser drawer.

The water pressure is
too low.

Clean the water intake
hose filter under running
water and carefully
remove any large

Select the "Sensitive"

The fabric softener is
not completely
dispensed, or too much
water remains in the
fabric softener



The siphon tube is
incorrectly positioned
or clogged.

Clean the siphon tube (see
"Cleaning and care-
Cleaning the detergent
dispenser drawer").

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