Installing the drive – LG GGC-H20N User Manual

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Before installing the drive, please note the following points.
■ You will need the following:

• A screw driver of a suitable size to fit the securing screws for the drive unit.
• The manual for the computer, so you can find the mounting positions for the SATA


■ Turn off all peripheral appliances of the computer and the computer itself, and

disconnect their power cords from the wall sockets.

■ Discharge any static electricity on your person by touching the computer covers, etc.

Removing the Computer Cover

Make sure all peripheral devices of the computer and the computer itself are turned off,
and then remove the cover. Refer to the manual for the computer for details about
removing the cover.

NOTE : There may be sharp edges inside the computer so take care to avoid injury.

Mounting the Drive

1. Remove the a 5


/4″ drive bay panel from the computer. Refer to the manual for the

computer for details.

2. Insert the drive unit into the bay. Do not apply excessive pressure to the cables inside

the computer.

3. Secure the drive with the screws. If there is not much space behind the drive,

connect the SATA and power cables before securing the drive.

NOTE : This is a general installation guide. If your PC hardware appears different, please
consult your hardware manual for installing peripheral devices.

Installing the Drive







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