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User Manual

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FireWire 400, also known as IEEE 1394, is a high-speed serial
input/output technology for connecting peripheral devices to a
computer or to each other, and FireWire 800 is the implemen-
tation of the new IEEE 1394b standard.

FireWire 800 offers increased bandwidth and extended distance
between devices. FireWire 800 is ideal for bandwidth-intensive
applications, such as audio, video and graphics.

Included FireWire Cables

Your LaCie d2 Quadra comes with a FireWire 400 cable and
a FireWire 800 cable.

1.4. Cables and Connectors

1.4.1. FireWire 400 and 800 Cables and Connectors

FireWire Benefits

Hot-pluggable: devices can be added and removed

while the bus is active.

Isochronous data delivery: no dropped frames – FireWire

supports real-time data delivery.

Flexible: up to 63 devices can be connected on a single


FireWire 800 reduces delays in arbitration and signal

distortion, and increases throughput.

Backwards compatibility: adapter cables allow FireWire

400 devices to operate under the FireWire 800 port (at

FireWire 400 speed).

FireWire 400 Cable Ends

FireWire 800 Cable Ends