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User Manual

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If your LaCie hard disk is not working correctly, please re-
fer to the following checklist to determine the source of the
problem. If you have gone through all of the points on the
checklist and your drive still does not work properly, please
check the FAQs that are regularly published on our website –

. One of these FAQs may provide an answer to

your specific question. You can also visit the downloads page,
where the most recent software updates will be available.

If you need further assistance, please contact your LaCie re-
seller or LaCie Customer Support (see section

5. Contacting

Customer Support

for details).

Manual Updates

LaCie strives to give you the most up-to-date, comprehensive
user manuals available on the market. It is our goal to provide
you with a friendly, easy-to-use format that will help you quickly
install and utilize the many functions of your new device.

If your user manual does not reflect the configuration of the
product you purchased, please check our website for the most
current version of the user manual.

4. Troubleshooting

Mac Troubleshooting




The drive is not recog-
nized by the computer.

Does an icon for the drive ap-
pear on the desktop?

There should be an icon for the LaCie drive on the desktop. If the
drive does not appear, follow the rest of the Troubleshooting tips to
isolate the problem.

Does your computer’s con-
figuration meet the minimum
system requirements for use
with this drive?

See section

1.2. Minimum System Requirements

for more information.

Is the drive’s power supply
connected and turned on?

Make sure that the power supply is properly connected (see section

2.1. Turning the Drive On

), that the drive has been turned on by press-

ing the On/Off/Auto button the back of the drive, and that the outlet
the power supply is connected to is also turned on.

Did you follow the correct
installation steps for the spe-
cific interface and operating

Review the installation steps in section

2.2. Connecting the Interface



Are both ends of the FireWire,
eSATA or USB cables firmly

Check both ends of the FireWire, eSATA or USB cables and make sure
that they are fully seated in their respective ports. Try disconnecting the
cables, waiting 10 seconds, and then reconnecting them. If the drive is
still not recognized, restart your computer and try again.

Have the USB, eSATA or
FireWire drivers been installed
correctly and enabled?


Apple System Profiler and click on the Devices and

Volumes tab. If your device is not listed, recheck the cables and try
the other troubleshooting tips listed here.

Is there a conflict with other
device drivers or extensions?

Contact LaCie Technical Support for help.