Connecting a pictbridge-enabled digital camera – Lexmark 1500 Series User Manual

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Note: The computer recognizes one active media device at a time from your printer. If you insert a memory card
and a flash drive, a message appears on the display prompting you to designate the device you want the printer to

Connecting a PictBridge-enabled digital camera

PictBridge is a technology available in most digital cameras that lets you print directly from your digital camera without
using a computer. You can connect a PictBridge-enabled digital camera to the printer, and use the buttons on the
camera to control and print photos.


Insert one end of the USB cable into the camera.

Note: Use only the USB cable that came with your camera.


Insert the other end of the cable into the PictBridge port on the front of the printer.


Make sure the PictBridge-enabled digital camera is set to the correct USB mode. For more information, see
the documentation that came with your camera.

The printer recognizes one active media device at a time. Remove any memory cards from the printer when
you connect the camera.


If the PictBridge connection is successful, the camera automatically switches to print mode, the
PictBridge symbol appears on the camera display, or a message recognizing the connection appears on the
camera display, depending on your camera.

For more information, see the documentation that came with your camera.

Transferring all photos from a memory card using the computer


Insert a memory card into the printer with the label facing the printer control panel. If the computer is connected
to a wireless network, you will need to select the printer.

Note: For a network connection, you must manually open the application and select the printer you want to use.

The Productivity Studio software launches automatically on your computer.


Click Automatically save all photos to “My Pictures”.


If you want to erase the photos from the memory card, click Yes.

Note: Make sure all the photos have been copied before you click Yes to erase.


Click Done. Remove the memory card to view your transferred photos in the Library.