Using the network monitor, Connecting to the computer using lan, Connecting the display – LG Network Monitor N194WA User Manual

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Wall-outlet type

signal input


Connecting to the Computer Using LAN


Make sure to turn off the computer and product. Connect the cable as below sketch map
form to .



Connect peripheral devices

Connect LAN Cable

Connecting the Display

Keyboard/Mouse Input
LAN cable should be
connected before boo-
ting PC.(This item must
be purchased separately.)

Headphone/Earphone Input
Automatically mutes the
speaker volume when the
headphones are plugged in.

When you use the monitor speaker via the LAN, turn the PC volume up to the highest

level and adjust the monitor volume.

‘AUTO/SET’ Function? When you encounter problems such as blurry screen, blurred letters,
screen flicker or titled

screen while using the device or after changing screen resolution, press the AUTO/SET function

button to improve resolution.


Press button on the front switch panel to turn the power on.

USB 1.1 port

(Only for keyboard

and mouse)

USB 2.0 port
(Only for USB
memory stick)



(Internet Service Provider)

switch hub

Network Monitor

For an angle plug earphone/microphone, it is difficult connect it with a peripheral device, so
use a straight type.
Connect the USB extension cable to the USB 2.0 port for more convenient use.
When connecting the D-SUB cable with the LAN cable, connect the D-SUB cable first. Then, connect the LAN
cable and other signal input cables.

Angle type Straight type

LAN Cable Type
- Standard : IEEE 802.3 ETHERNET