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Wireless-N Router

Linksys E1000

Chapter 3: Advanced Configuration

Manually Adding Client

To manually assign an IP

address, enter the client’s name in the Enter  Client 
field . Enter the IP address you want it to have in
the Assign IP Address field . Enter its MAC address in the
To This MAC Address field . Then click Add .

Clients Already Reserved

A list of DHCP clients and their fixed local IP addresses
will be displayed at the bottom of the screen . If you
want to remove a client from this list, click Remove .

Click Save Settings to apply your changes, or click
Cancel Changes to clear your changes . To update
the on-screen information, click Refresh . To exit this
screen, click Close .

Start IP Address

The Start IP Address specifies the

starting IP address for the range of addresses assigned
by your Router when it functions as a DHCP server . (The
first IP address assigned by the Router will be randomly
selected within the range you specify .)

Because the Router’s default IP address is 192 .168 .1 .1,
the Start IP Address must be 192 .168 .1 .2 or greater, but
smaller than 192 .168 .1 .254 . The default Start IP Address is .

Maximum Number of Users

Enter the maximum

number of computers that you want the DHCP server to
assign IP addresses to . This number cannot be greater
than 253 . The default is 50 .

IP Address Range

The range of available IP addresses is

displayed .

Client Lease Time

The Client Lease Time is the amount

of time a network user will be allowed connection to the
Router with their current dynamic IP address . Enter the
amount of time, in minutes, that the user will be “leased”
this dynamic IP address . After the time is up, the user will
be automatically assigned a new dynamic IP address, or
the lease will be renewed . The default is 0 minutes, which
means one day .

Static DNS 1-3

The Domain Name System (DNS) is how

the Internet translates domain or website names into
Internet addresses or URLs . Your ISP will provide you with at
least one DNS Server IP address . If you wish to use another,
enter that IP address in one of these fields . You can enter up
to three DNS Server IP addresses here . The Router will use
these for quicker access to functioning DNS servers .


The Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS)

manages each computer’s interaction with the Internet . If
you use a WINS server, enter that server’s IP address here .
Otherwise, leave this blank .

Time Settings

Time Setting

Time Zone

Select the time zone in which your network

functions from this drop-down menu .

Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving

Select this option to have the Router

automatically adjust for daylight saving time .

Click Save Settings to apply your changes, or click Cancel
to clear your changes .

Setup > DDNS

The Router offers a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
feature . DDNS lets you assign a fixed host and domain
name to a dynamic Internet IP address . It is useful when
you are hosting your own website, File Transfer Protocol
(FTP) server, or other server behind the Router .

Before you can use this option, you need to sign
up for DDNS service with a DDNS service provider, or . If you do not want to
use this option, keep the default, Disabled .


DDNS Service

If your DDNS service is provided by DynDNS .org, then
select from the drop-down menu . If your
DDNS service is provided by TZO, then select .
The options available on the DDNS screen will vary,
depending on which DDNS service provider you use .

DynDNS .org

Setup > DDNS > DynDNS


Enter the Username for your DDNS account .