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Wireless-N Router

Linksys E1000

Chapter 3: Advanced Configuration

DHCP Client Table

Click this button to view a list of

computers or other devices that are using the Router as
a DHCP server .

DHCP Client Table

DHCP Client Table

The DHCP Client Table lists computers and other
devices that have been assigned IP addresses by the
Router . The list can be sorted by IP Address, MAC
Address, Interface, and Client Name . To remove a
DHCP client, click Delete . To update the on-screen
information, click Refresh . To exit this screen and
return to the Local Network screen, click Close .

Status > Wireless Network

The Wireless  Network screen displays information about
your wireless network .

Status > Wireless Network

Wireless Network

MAC Address

The MAC address of the Router’s local,

wireless interface is displayed .


The wireless mode is displayed .

Network Name (SSID)

The name of the wireless network,

which is also called the SSID, is displayed .

Channel Width

The Channel Width setting (selected on

the Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings screen) is displayed .


The Channel setting selected on the Basic 

Wireless Settings screen is displayed .


The wireless security method used by the

Router is displayed .

SSID Broadcast

The status of the SSID Broadcast option

is displayed .