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Wireless-N Router

Linksys E1000

Chapter 3: Advanced Configuration

Internet on the Layer 2 level . To allow L2TP tunnels to pass
through the Router, keep the default, Enabled .

Click Save Settings to apply your changes, or click Cancel
to clear your changes .

Access Restrictions > Internet Access

The Internet  Access screen allows you to deny or allow
specific kinds of Internet usage and traffic, such as Internet
access, designated services, and websites during specific
days and times .

Access Restrictions > Internet Access

Internet Access Policy

Access Policy

Access can be managed by a policy . Use

the settings on this screen to establish an access policy
(after Save Settings is clicked) . Selecting a policy from
the drop-down menu will display that policy’s settings .
To delete a policy, select that policy’s number and click
Delete This Policy . To view all the policies, click Summary .


The policies are listed with the following information: No .,
Policy Name, Access, Days, Time, and status (Enabled) . To
enable a policy, select Enabled . To delete a policy, click
Delete . Click Save Settings to save your changes, or click
Cancel Changes to clear your changes . To return to the
Internet Access Policy screen, click Close .



Policies are disabled by default . To enable a policy,

select the policy number from the drop-down menu, and
select Enabled .

To create a policy, follow steps 1-11 . Repeat these steps to
create additional policies, one at a time .

1 . Select a number from the Access  Policy drop-down

menu .

2 . Enter a Policy Name in the field provided .
3 . To enable this policy, select Enabled .