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Page 36: Diagnostics

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Wireless-N Router

Linksys E1000

Chapter 3: Advanced Configuration

Administration > Log

The Router can keep logs of all traffic for your Internet
connection .

Administration > Log



To disable the Log function, keep the default,

Disabled . To monitor traffic between the network and the
Internet, select Enabled . With logging enabled, you can
choose to view temporary logs .

Click Save Settings to apply your change, or click Cancel
to clear your change .

View Log

When you wish to view the logs, click this

button .

Log > View Log



Select Incoming Log, Outgoing Log, Security

Log, or DHCP Client Log .

<Type> Log

The Incoming Log displays a temporary

log of the source IP addresses and destination
port numbers for the incoming Internet traffic . The
Outgoing Log displays a temporary log of the local
IP addresses, destination URLs/IP addresses, and
service/port numbers for the outgoing Internet traffic .
The Security log displays the login information for the
browser-based utility . The DHCP Client Log displays
the local DHCP server status information .

Click Save the Log to save this information to a file on
your computer’s hard drive . Click Refresh to update
the log . Click Clear to clear all the information that is
displayed .

Administration > Diagnostics

The diagnostic tests (Ping and Traceroute) allow you to
check the connections of your network devices, including
connection to the Internet .

Administration > Diagnostics




Click Reboot to restart the Router .

Ping Test

Ping checks the status of a connection .

IP or URL Address

Enter the address of the computer,

device, or website whose connection you wish to test .

Packet Size

Enter the packet size you want to use . The

default is 32 bytes .

Times to Ping

Enter the number of times you wish to test

the connection . The default is 5 .

Start to Ping

To run the test, click this button . The Ping 

screen shows if the test is successful . Click Close to return
to the Diagnostics screen . Click Stop to stop the test .

Diagnostics > Ping