Troubleshooting – LG STB1000 User Manual

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General Troubleshooting

Some Quick and Easy Tips for Resolving Problems

Software Problems

Cannot direct enter
channel number or “No
Signal” appears.

Channel not included in channel lineup in
internal STB controller (PTC).

After 2-5-5 + MENU, only channels included in STB PTC will
appear. If channel is available, it can be added to channel
lineup. If it is not available, the “No Signal” message appears
on the display screen.


No power.

See troubleshooting flow chart on following page.

Display Panel Picture

No picture.

Display panel is turned off.

• Turn STB ON.
• Power failure?

Antenna/cable not connected.

Connect antenna/cable signal to STB.

Connections incorrect.

Check connections on STB.

MPI not connected.

If applicable, connect MPI cable to MPI device.

Encrypted program.

Try another channel.

Wrong tuning band.

Adjust Installer Menu settings.

Erratic Operation

Installer Menu setup.

Wrong Installer Menu settings.

Adjust Installer Menu settings as required.

Installer Remote

Remote doesn’t work.

Remote not in TV Mode.

Use MODE key to select “TV”; puts remote into TV Mode.

Not aimed at IR remote sensor.

Point remote at IR receiver on display panel.

Remote too far from IR sensor.

Move remote closer to IR receiver on display panel or darken

MPI not connected.

If applicable, connect MPI cable to MPI device.

IR path to STB’s receiver obstructed.

Remove obstructions.

Weak batteries.

Replace batteries.

Wrong battery polarity.

Check that “+” and “-” match in battery compartment.

Too much light in room.

Dim room light.

Wrong Installer Remote.

Requires compatible Installer Remote. Contact your LG

Picture Reception

Normal picture,
poor or no sound.

Audio muted.

Press MUTE or use Volume Up key to increase sound level.

Broadcast problem.

Try a different channel.

Note: For other problems not caused by the STB, refer to the other devices’ operating guide(s).


Possible Cause(s)

Possible Solution(s)