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Audio CD and MP3 Operation (Continued)


1 Press PAUSE/STEP (X) during playback.

2 To return to playback, press N (PLAY) or press

PAUSE/STEP (X) again.

Moving to Another Track

Press SKIP . or > briefly during
playback to go to the next track or to return to the
beginning of the current track.

Press SKIP . twice briefly to step back to the pre-
vious track.

On an Audio CD, to go directly to any track, enter the
track number using the numbered buttons (0-9) dur-
ing playback on the Track List.

Repeat Track/All(Folder)/Off

Press REPEAT to select a desired repeat mode.

TRACK: repeats the current track.
ALL (CD): repeats the all tracks on the disc.
FOLDER (MP3): repeats the all tracks in the current


OFF (No display): does not play repeatedly.


1 Press RANDOM during playback or in stop mode.

The unit automatically begins Random Playback and
“RANDOM” appears on the menu screen.

2 To return to normal playback, press RANDOM repeat-

edly until “RANDOM” disappears from the menu


By pressing SKIP > during Random playback, the
unit selects another track and resumes Random play-

3D Surround

This unit can produce a 3D Surround effect, which
simulates multi-channel audio playback from two
conventional stereo speakers, instead of the five or
more speakers normally required to listen to multi-
channel audio from a home theater system.

1 Press 3D SURR. during playback to select “3D SUR”.

2 To turn off the 3D Surround effect, press 3D SURR.

until “3D SUR” disappears from the menu screen.

Changing the Audio Channel

Press AUDIO repeatedly to hear a different audio chan-
nel (stereo, left or right).


1 Press SCAN (m or M) during playback.

The recorder will now go into SEARCH mode.

2 Press SCAN (m or M) to select the required

speed: mX2, mX4, mX8 (backward) or MX2,

X4, MX8 (forward).

Search speed and direction are indicated on the menu

3 To exit SEARCH mode, press N (PLAY).

Repeat A-B

To repeat a sequence in a track:

1 Press A-B at your chosen start point.

Repeat icon and ‘A’ appears on the menu screen.

2 Press A-B again at your chosen end point.

The Repeat icon and ‘A - B’ appears on the menu screen,
and the repeat sequence begins.

3 To exit the sequence and return to normal play, press

A-B again.

The Repeat icon disappears from the menu screen.

Notes on MP3 Recordings

About MP3

An MP3 file is audio data compressed by using the
MPEG1 audio layer-3 file-coding scheme. We call
files that have the “.mp3” file extension “MP3 files”.
The recorder can not read an MP3 file that has a file
extension other than “.mp3”.

MP3 Disc compatibility with this recorder is
limited as follows:

1. CD-R physical format should be “ISO 9660” and


2. If you record MP3 files using the software which

cannot create a FILE SYSTEM, for example “Direct-
CD” etc., it is impossible to playback MP3 files. We
recommend that you use “Easy-CD Creator”, which
creates an ISO9660 or JOLIET file system.

3. Total number of files and folders on the disc should

be less than 999.

This DVD Recorder requires discs/recordings to meet
certain technical standards in order to achieve optimal
playback quality. Pre-recorded DVDs are automatically
set to these standards. There are many different types
of recordable disc formats (including CD-R containing
MP3 files) that require certain pre-existing conditions
(see above) to insure compatible playback.

Customers should also note that permission is
required in order to download MP3 files and music
from the Internet. Our company has no right to
grant such permission. Permission should always
be sought from the copyright owner.