LG DR4912 User Manual

Page 40

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Basic Recording

Basic Recording from a TV

Follow the instructions below to record a TV program.
Recording starts immediately and continues until the disc is full
or you stop the recording.


Switch on the recorder and load a recordable disc.

Also make sure that the TV input is set to this recorder.
If you load a completely blank disc, the recorder takes a
short while to initialize the disc.



Set a recording mode as necessary by pressing
REC MODE repeatedly. (HQ, SQ, LQ, EQ)

HQ; High Quality, SQ; Standard Quality, LQ: Low Quality,
EQ: Extended Quality



Use v / V buttons to select the TV channel to

Changing TV Audio Channel

You can select the audio channel (language) to listen by
pressing AUDIO during viewing TV program. The cur-
rent audio channel is displayed on-screen.
Stereo or mono broadcat: Stereo

→ Left → Right

Bilingual broadcat: Main+Sub

→ Main → Sub

• For TV recording with bilingual, set audio channel

from the TV Rec Audio in sub-menu of the Setup
menu (see page 27).

• If the sound is of poor quality when set to Stereo, you

can often improve it by changing to Mono (Left or

• This recorder can record either NICAM or regular

audio. If the NICAM setting (page 21) is set to Auto,
then if the broadcast is NICAM, the audio automati-
cally changes to NICAM and you can record the
NICAM audio. If the broadcast is non-NICAM, the reg-
ular audio is always recorded.
If NICAM sound distortion occurs, due to poor recep-
tion, you can switch off NICAM setting of the program.



Press REC (z) once.
Recording will start. (The REC indicator lights in the
display window.)

Recording continues until you press STOP (


) or the

disc is full.
To record for a fixed length of time, see Instant Timer
Recording on right.



Press STOP (x) to stop recording.

To Pause the Recording

1 Press PAUSE/STEP (X) to pause the disc during


2 When you want to continue recording, press


To record one TV program while
watching another

1 Press TV/DVD to select the TV mode during record-

ing. The TV indicator appears.

2 Using the TV, select the channel to be viewed.

Instant Timer Recording

Instant Timer Recording allows you to make a recording
easily of a preset length without using the program


Follow steps 1-4 as shown left (Basic Recording
from a TV).



Press REC (z) repeatedly to select the record-
ing time length.
Recording starts after the first press. Each subse-
quent press increases the recording time by 10
minutes within free space.
The recording time is displayed on the TV screen.
At the end of the recording, the DVD Recorder will
stop recording and shut off.

Instant Timer Record Menu

Checking the Recording Time

Press REC (z) once to check the recording time. The
recalled setting will automatically return to the TV
screen for a moment.
Also, remaining time of recording is shown in the dis-
play window.

To Extend the Recording Time

The recording time can be extended anytime by press-
ing REC (z).
Each subsequent press increases the recording time by
10 minutes within free space.


If the recorder is unplugged (or there is a power failure)
while the recorder is recording, the recording will be


65Min Free