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Rhaeto-Romanic (rm), Scottish (gd), Spanish (es),

Swedish (sv)

Group 2: Albanian (sq), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs),

Hungarian (hu), Polish (pl), Romanian (ro), Slovak (sk),

Slovenian (sl)

Group 3: Bulgarian (bg), Byelorussian (be),

Macedonian (mk), Russian (ru), Serbian (sr),

Ukrainian (uk)
Group 4: Hebrew (iw), Yiddish (ji)
Group 5: Turkish (tr)

DivX, DivX Certified, and associated logos are
trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used under

About WMV

WMV is an acronym for Windows Media Video
and refers to a video compression technology
developed by Microsoft Corporation. WMV
content can be encoded by using Windows
Media Encoder.

• This player is compatible with WMV9 files

that are encoded by using the Windows
Media Encoder 9 Series, with .wmv as an

• Compatible with size under 720 x 576 pixels/

720 x 480 pixels.

• Advanced Profile is not supported.

• DRM-protected video files will not play in

this player.

• File extensions .wmv.

• Compatible with bit rate under 192 kbps.

About MPEG-4 AAC

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is at the core of
the MPEG-4 AAC standard, which incorporates
MPEG-2 AAC, forming the basis of the MPEG-4
audio compression technology. The file format
and extension used depend on the application
used to encode the AAC file. This unit plays

back AAC files encoded by iTunes


bearing the

extension ‘

.m4a’. DRM-protected files will not

play, and files encoded with some versions of



may not play, or filenames may display


Apple and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries.

About WMA

This player can playback Windows Media
Audio content.

WMA is an acronym for Windows Media Audio
and refers to an audio compression technology
developed by Microsoft Corporation. WMA
content can be encoded by using Windows
Media Player version 7.7.1, Windows Media
Player for Windows XP, or Windows Media
Player 9 series.

Windows Media is a trademark of Microsoft

This product includes technology owned by
Microsoft Corporation and cannot be used or
distributed without a license from Microsoft
Licensing, Inc.

Using and taking care of discs

Handling discs

Hold the disc by its edges when handling so as
not to leave fingerprints, dirt or scratches on
either side of the disc. Damaged or dirty discs
can affect playback performance.

If a disc becomes marked with fingerprints,
dust, etc., clean using a soft, dry cloth.

Wipe lightly from the center of the disc using
straight strokes. Don’t wipe the disc surface
with circular strokes.

If necessary, use a cloth soaked in alcohol, or a
commercially available CD/DVD cleaning kit to
clean a disc more thoroughly. Never use
benzine, thinner or other cleaning agents such
as those designed for cleaning vinyl records.

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