Application examples, Basic desktop network switch – NetComm 5 Port Gigabit Switch NP3005 User Manual

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Rev.1 - YML671

NP3005 - 5 Port Gigabit Switch

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Application examples

The NP3005 switch is designed to provide full flexibility in configuring your network
connections. The switch can be used as a standalone device or it can be used in an up linked
mode to other 10/100/1000 Mbps hubs, switches or other interconnection devices - such as
internet gateways and routers.

Figure 6 below illustrates the NP3005 in a basic network environment connected to several
Desktop computers sharing files and peripherals.

Basic Desktop Network Switch

The NP3005 switch is used as a desktop switch to build a small network that enables its users
to have 1000 Mbps access to other computers on the network and share files and resources.

Figure 6