Cascading the switch – NetComm 5 Port Gigabit Switch NP3005 User Manual

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Rev.1 - YML671

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NP3005 - 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Cascading the switch

When attaching the NP3005 switch to a router or other devices, be sure to verify the port type
implemented before connecting any cable.

Figure 7

Connecting using Category 5/5e twisted–pair cables with RJ-45 plugs:

Your NP3005 switch supports an Auto-Detect UP-Link port feature on each of the 5 x RJ-45
ports available on this switch. Connect one end of a straight-through cable to the NP3005
switch. Connect the other end of the cable to any port of another NP3005 switch. You may also
use a crossover cable in the same way.

Connecting One NP3005 to another existing network switch:

Attach your straight through cable to any of the 5 ports on the NP3005. Next connect the other
end of the cable to the uplink port of your existing switch. (Refer to your other switch
manufacturer’s installation guide for uplinking details.)

Note: Ethernet specifications limit the cable length between your computer or server

and the switch to 328 feet (100 metres).