System connection – NexxTech super slim divx/mpeg4 dvd player 1617008E User Manual

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1. The player is equipped with composite A/V

outputs at the rear of the player. Your TV will

require at least one set of A/V inputs. The patch

cord supplied with the player will connect the

A/V output jack of your player to your TV’s inputs.

2. To view the DVD signal, please press the “AV/TV”

button on the TV or remote control of your TV to

switch TV’s mode from broadcast reception

mode to one of the A/V signals. Your TV should

have more than one A/V input.

3. The player is equipped for stereo playback. To fully

realize the 2 channel sound, a Stereo TV or A/V

receiver is necessary. However, a Mono TV may be

used providing the TV has one set of A/V inputs. The

A/V inputs on a Mono TV will only include one Audio

input for Mono sound. You may connect either the

Left or Right audio channel from the DVD composite

audio out to the Mono TV audio input.