Basic operation – NexxTech super slim divx/mpeg4 dvd player 1617008E User Manual

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Chapter 1: Basic Operation

1. Turn on the TV and your DVD player
Press the Power button on the player or the remote control and “Read” appears on the TV screen.
If there is no disc in the DVD player, “No disc” will be displayed on both the screen and the VFD.

2. Place a Disc into the tray
Press the Open/Close button located on the remote control or the front of the DVD player and
“Open” appears on the screen. Then place a disc gently onto the tray with the disc’s label facing
up (double sided discs have content on both sides, so you can place either side up). Press the
Open/Close button again to close the disc tray and “Close” appears and the player starts to read.
Then the disc will start playing automatically. (Note: With certain types of discs, you may need to
press the Play or Enter button to start playing).

3. Play discs
The contents of each disc menu may vary according to how the disc was recorded and what
features are included. The disc menu will display when the Menu button is pressed. Also “Play”
and “Pause” can be pressed using the “Pause” button on the remote. Similar to the “Menu” play,
other play modes such as “title” play and “sequence” play can also be accessed.

a) Menu Play (compatible with DVD, SVCD, VCD2.0 discs)
Press Menu Button
• TV screen displays the DVD main Menu when a DVD disc is loaded.
• When a SVCD or VCD 2.0 disc is loaded, SVCD or VCD 2.0 menu will be displayed on the
screen (when PBC is off). (At this moment, press PBC button once to display current PBC
• PBC is initialized on when a SVCD or VCD 2.0 disc is loaded.

II. When a DVD disc is loaded, you can press the Arrow buttons to highlight the menu item you
want to choose; As SVCD or VCD 2.0, you can press the Numeric buttons to select a track to

III. Press the Enter or Play button and you can begin play with the highlighted.

IV. Return when playing: When a DVD disc is playing, press the Menu (PBC) button and you can

return to the main Menu; As SVCD, VCD 2.0 and PBC is on, press Menu (PBC) button and you

can return to the menu.

V. Stop
1) When you press the Stop button for the first time, the player turns into a quasi stop state. At the
same time the OSD appears “Quasi Stop”. To begin the title over, press Stop twice.
2) In quasi stop state, the player remembers where you stopped. When you start playing the disc
again, the DVD player will pick up where you left off.
3) In stop state, when you press Play, the player enters sequence playback mode.
• For the disc protection, before you press Open/Close button to eject the disc tray when
playing, please press Stop button first. After taking out the disc, press OPEN/CLOSE again to
close the tray.
• If you’re not going to use the DVD player for a long time, be sure to unplug the player.