NexxTech super slim divx/mpeg4 dvd player 1617008E User Manual

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Battery Installation:

1. Push downward and outward the leaf spring to
remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert two size AAA batteries according to the “+”
and “-” markings.


A. Do NOT mix different types together, or old batteries
with new batteries.
B. If the remote control is not used for an extended
period of time, remove the batteries to prevent possible
C. To prevent corrosion resulting in damage, remove
exhausted batteries immediately. If the remote control
doesn’t appear to operate normally, replace both of the
D. Typical life for the batteries provided with this prod-
uct is about 6 months. The life expectance may vary
according to the use status.

Use of the remote control

Point the remote control toward the remote sensor
on your DVD home theater center. Upon receipt of
the signal from the remote control, the equipment will
operate accordingly. The description in this manual is
based on the buttons on the equipment. You may use
the counterparts on the remote control to do the same.


A. Do not place this equipment in a place exposed
to direct sunlight or strong light source like inverting
fluorescent light, or else it may interfere with correct
operation of the remote controller.
B. When other similar remote control is used in the
same room, or when this product is used near other
equipment using infrared ray, interference with the
operation of this remote control may occur.
C. Do not place any object on the remote control or
else it may cause unintentional depression of the
buttons and waste the batteries unnecessarily.
D. The front of the chassis should not be glazed with
coloured glass, or else it may cause interference with
normal operation of the remote control.
E. Any barrier between the remote control and remote
sensor could interfere with the operation of the remote
F. The operating range between the remote control
and the equipment shall be no more than 16 feet
(5 meters). When the operating range becomes
shorter, replace the batteries with new ones.