Trouble shooting – NexxTech super slim divx/mpeg4 dvd player 1617008E User Manual

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If your DVD player developed a problem, please check below situations before requesting



N o Power

• Check if the power cord has been properly connected to the power outlet.

• Check if the main power has been switched on.

Does not play

• No disc, load a disc.

• Disc has been loaded upside down. Place the disc with the label side up.

• Disc’s region code does not match to the player.

• Disc’s rating level is higher than the player’s rating level setting.

• Disc is not the correct type for the player.

• Disc is damaged or dirty, clean the disc or try another disc.

• Moisture may be condensed inside the player. Remove the disc and leave

the unit power on for one or two hours.

No picture

• Check if the TV set has power on, use TV remote to select A/V signal for

DVD rather than broadcast.

• Check if the system connection is proper and secure.

• Check if the connection cables are damaged.

• Clean the disc.

• Please press the OPEN button, then press the PROGRAM and ZOOM

button to return factory default status.


• The disc is dirty or damaged. Clean the disc or try another disc.


• Reset the color system of the TV set.

• Try to connect the player directly to the TV set, without via a VCR for


Picture not full

• Select the screen format from the player’s SETUP MENU,


see “SETUP MENU” of this manual.

• Select the screen format from DVD disc menu.


Following message will display when there is a problem with the loaded disc:

message display
on screen

“WRONG REGIONAL DISC”: Disc’s region code does not match to the


WRONG PASSWORD”: The player refuse to play a disc with rating level

higher than the player’s rating level setting, or input

the wrong password in the setup menu.

“WRONG DISC”: The player is equipped with automatic disc quality

detection software. When the player detects a problem disc

or a damaged disc, the player may keep playing the disc at

lower quality or stop playing, depending on the damage

level of the disc.


• Should the player develop a malfunction, unplug the player for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, power on the player and the restore function should reset

the player.