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Chapter 1

Taking Measurements with the NI PXI-562x

NI PXI-562x User Manual


For more detailed VI and function help, refer to the NI-SCOPE VI
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Safety Information

The following section contains important safety information that you must
follow when installing and using the product.

Do not operate the product in a manner not specified in this document.
Misuse of the product can result in a hazard. You can compromise the
safety protection built into the product if the product is damaged in any
way. If the product is damaged, return it to National Instruments for repair.

Do not substitute parts or modify the product except as described in this
document. Use the product only with the chassis, modules, accessories, and
cables specified in the installation instructions. You must have all covers
and filler panels installed during operation of the product.

Do not operate the product in an explosive atmosphere or where there may
be flammable gases or fumes. Operate the product only at or below the
pollution degree stated in the NI PXI-5620 Specifications and the
NI PXI-5620 Specifications documents. Pollution is foreign matter in a
solid, liquid, or gaseous state that can reduce dielectric strength or surface
resistivity. The following is a description of pollution degrees:

Pollution degree 1 means no pollution or only dry, nonconductive
pollution occurs. The pollution has no influence.

Pollution degree 2 means that only nonconductive pollution occurs in
most cases. Occasionally, however, a temporary conductivity caused
by condensation must be expected.

Pollution degree 3 means that conductive pollution occurs, or dry,
nonconductive pollution occurs that becomes conductive due to

Clean the product with a soft nonmetallic brush. Make sure that the product
is completely dry and free from contaminants before returning it to service.

You must insulate signal connections for the maximum voltage for which
the product is rated. Do not exceed the maximum ratings for the product.
Remove power from signal lines before connecting them to or
disconnecting them from the product.